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The Deep may be a comparatively new name to the metal and rock scene, but the genesis of the band goes way back to the early eighties. In fact the band and its members have connections to various NWOBHM and rock outfits from that time.
Our debut album Premonition is in no way a copy or hollow echo of days gone by. All but one of the songs on the album were written and performed by us during the early to mid 1980s. As such, the music on this album is truly embedded within and representative of the musical style of that time - and in particular the NWOBHM genre.
Premonition is very much the album we would have made over thirty years ago, if we could have secured a record deal. Thankfully modern technology has allowed us to bring our music to you today in the way we would like to have back then. We are immensely proud of it. We hope you enjoy it.


Chris Borsberry - Guitars


Tony Coldham - Vocals


Garry 'Magpie' Bowler - Drums


Steve Gough - Guitars


Jonathan Brown - Bass

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